Deposit Funds on Account

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  • Buy this “product” to deposit increments of $100 into your account funds for later use on eligible virtual products and services.
  • Do NOT buy loyalty funds if you are eligible for FI SELF DIRECTION reimbursement. They can not be combined.
  • Using account funds will offer a $4.40 “Loyalty Discount” on every cart checkout.  (That’s 20% of $22.00!)
  • By using the discount, you demonstrate your loyalty by agreeing to the following terms:
    • As needed, you may choose to “top off” your account by depositing of  $100 increments.
    • Only the amount of funds on account above the cumulative discounts taken are refundable.
  • This discount is especially helpful when enrolling multiple siblings, for multiple sessions, and/or for multiple semesters.
  • Purchase up to 4 past recipes for FREE when you checkout using loyalty funds.   Additional recipes are $1.00 each.

You can also apply for our scholarship program based on a number of criteria, including merit and your individual situation.  Call Chef Michael at (516) 338-0552 to find out more.  Students in our scholarship program can qualify for, or earn, a certain number of free classes each month and possibly a cash stipend to help with shopping as well.  Anyone (age 18+) can apply.

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